ISRT v0.7 released, 29 Dec 2020

New Server Monitor, Day/Night view, new Maps, Scenario Selector

New in this release:

  1. RCON commands are now automatically saved if not already in the history
  2. Inserted Security/Insurgents DropDown Menu for selecting travel commands
  3. Added rcon commands quit and exit as valid commands
  4. Added server monitor to view all saved servers in one table overview
  5. Added DB Table View to Server Manager for easier overview
  6. Integrated Day/Night Display and Map-Pics
  7. Re-Designed the server info box and a couple other GUI elements
  8. Added DB Table View for online players directly on query execution
  9. Implemented Threading for monitor to prevent app freeze
  10. Added Maps Sheds, Stork_Castle_x Map, Frost, Temple, TORO and Bap
  11. Changed the Mapchanger so the Scenarios are based on what the server provides
  12. Removed the Side-Selector in the Mapchanger – now done by selecting the specific scenario.
  13. Modified handling to auto-switch to LAN IP, due to a Windows bug.
  14. Removed auto-execution of commands selected from the Custom Commands Dropdown menu
  15. Removed the automatic execution of custom commands on selection

Bug Tracker

Known bugs

  1. When chosing random map change, the map is not updated correctly (NWI Server Bug reported; I unfortunately can’t change false reporting on server side…)
  2. Day/Night View is buggy after random map choice, because of faulty query implementation by NWI – can’t do anything about it

Thanks and have fun with my little tool!

Oliver aka =[TCT]= Madman


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