ISRT v1.3 released, 29th of September 2021

ISRT v1.3 released, 29th of September 2021

  1. Removed a bug that crashed the app when selecting TeamDeathMatch Gamemode in the dropdown menu
  2. Removed a bug with the map manager, when adding a map.
  3. Integrated Hostname management – you are now able to use dynamic hostnames, domain names or IP addresses when using ISRT

Fun Facts about ISRT (to date):

  • Version 0.1 looked like this (right) and had 261 lines of code:
  • 788 hours of development later – that’s 32.8 days of continous work, ISRT has
    • 6902 lines of code written over all
    • 3175 lines of code are functional and 3723 for the GUI
    • 102 functions/methods coordinate everything inside the 4 classes of the app
  • 334 if statements capture a lot of what-if
    316 commits have been executed for version 0.8 to my GitHUB for ISRT
  • More than half of the code is only there to capture errors and prevent unwanted actions
  • 1/5 of the time I spend on documentation and Help/FAQs
  • 7 months ago I couldn’t write one single line of Python code
  • I still have loads of fun programming this tool

Thanks and have fun with my little tool!