ISRT v1.2 released, 13th of July 2021

ISRT v1.2 released, 13th of July 2021

  1. Removed a bug that created “Server Offline” when Mutators is reported true, but no ModList available
  2. Added a couple of comfortability features and removed a couple of bugs that crashed the app or produced disfunctionality
  3. Added 37 new custom Maps including old INS 2014 Maps
  4. Integrated 67 new Mutators
  5. Implemented Gamemode Survival and added corresponding Scenarios from Standard Maps
  6. Inserted new scenarios for a lot of updated maps
  7. Cleaned up the Main and Monitor App

Fun Facts about ISRT (to date):

  • Version 0.1 looked like this (right) and had 261 lines of code:
  • 788 hours of development later – that’s 32.8 days of continous work, ISRT has
    • 6902 lines of code written over all
    • 3175 lines of code are functional and 3723 for the GUI
    • 102 functions/methods coordinate everything inside the 4 classes of the app
  • 334 if statements capture a lot of what-if
    316 commits have been executed for version 0.8 to my GitHUB for ISRT
  • More than half of the code is only there to capture errors and prevent unwanted actions
  • 1/5 of the time I spend on documentation and Help/FAQs
  • 7 months ago I couldn’t write one single line of Python code
  • I still have loads of fun programming this tool

Thanks and have fun with my little tool!