RCON Commands

Infos about RCON commands

Which RCON commands can you use with ISRT and what do they do?

General Commands:

  • help
    • Displays a list of commands
  • say <message>
    • Shows a message to all players in the chat box
  • listplayers
    • Lists players currently connected to the server
  • listbans
    • Shows the ban list for the server
  • exit/quit
    • Shuts the server down gracefully
  • gamever
    • On Windows Servers it shows information about the installed game and its attributes. Example:
    • GameVersion Branch: ++sandstorm+release-1.9, Configuration: Shipping, Build: ++sandstorm+release-1.9-CL-132331, CommandLine: Scenario=Scenario_PowerPlant_Checkpoint_Security?MaxPlayers=28 -Port=27102 -QueryPort=27131 -log -hostname=MyTestserver -Rcon -RconPassword=test -RconListenPort=27141
    • Attention: Linux Servers usually crash when using this command!

Kick/Ban commands:

  • kick <id/netid/name> [reason]
    • Kicks a player from the server
  • ban <id/netid/name> [duration in minutes] [reason]
    • Bans a player from the server
  • permban <id/netid/name> [reason]
    • Permanently bans a player from the server
  • banid <netid> [duration in minutes] [reason]
    • Bans a player by net ID from the server
  • unban <netid>
    • Lifts a ban for a user

Round/Scenario/Travel commands:

  • restartround [0 = no team switch, 1 = swap teams]
    • Restarts the current round
  • maps [level filter]
    • Lists available maps (only shows standard maps, no custom ones!)
  • travel <travel url>
    • Transitions the server to a different level
  • scenarios [level filter]
    • Lists available scenarios (you have to add a map for scenarios to be displayed!)
  • travelscenario <scenario>
    • Change level to given scenario

Gamemode & Property commands:

  • gamemodeproperty <property> [new value]
    • Gets or sets a gamemode property for the length of the scenario
  • listgamemodeproperties [property filter]
    • Lists available gamemode properties for the current gamemode

See the list of gamemodeproperties you can use in INS here!