Download ISRT

Download for Windows *

Latest stable release version: v0.7
  • Type: Zip-File
  • File size: 64 MB
  • Uploaded: 29. December 2020
  • MD5-Checksum Zip-File: 9169b86922925f1aabc4591fc6afbc0e

Installation instructions here!

Insurgency Sandstorm RCON Tool for Windows

Download for Linux and MacOS *

Latest stable release version: v0.7
  • File Type: Zip-File
  • File size: 38 MB
  • Uploaded: 31. December 2020
  • MD5-Checksum Zip-File: 267ac9f4c2c2cfb48a19688bf953988b

Please see for the pre-requisites and installation instructions here!

Insurgency Sandstorm RCON Tool for Linux/MacOS

* Google Chrome Users

Downloading does not work with Google Chrome for unknown reasons – please use any other browser for downloading!

** Users from Serbia – Attention!

Please download the specially compiled version below for Windows, because of an error in an instiutional certificate (Ministry of internal affairs republic of Serbia – MUP republika Srbija)! This causes the Python SSL module to get an error message when accessing the windows certificate store. This problem exists for many applications that e.g. check for new versions using an https-reqiuest and are based on correct certificates (Like Autodesk Fusion 360, Jupyter Notebook and many more). If you need a special Linux/Mac version for Serbia, please let me know via e-mail, Steam or Discord.

Thanks to my friend “theMiller” for letting me find the source of this problem on his computer. He helped me compile a functional version for Serbian users!

Insurgency Sandstorm RCON Tool for Windows (Serbia)

Specialized version with modified “” Python file to exclue the MUP certificate check.

if “MUP Republike Srbije” not in str(cert): certs.extend(cert)

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My software can be used or modified free of charge under GPL3. However, I have around 490 Euro costs p.a. for continuous development, software, server environment and website hosting. I appreciate if you consider helping me a bit, to keep this going – thanks a lot!

Older versions:

v0.6.1 – November 2020 – 47 MB, non-tabbed version

v0.6 – November 2020 – 47 MB, tabbed version

v0.5.1 – October 2020 – 46 MB, non-tabbed version

v0. – October 2020 – 68 MB, non-tabbed version