Anti-Virus Report

Code is completely transparent and regularly checked for malicious Elements

As a developer I strive to not only provide you with a good working software, I also want to give you a hassle free experience, no ads, no intrusive code, no data privacy issues and of course no viruses or trojans. Sometimes AV-manufacturer tend to be extremely careful and report parts of a code as virus, just so that they can write to identify 99 whatever % of viruses. That they disable 20% of all free programs from working is none of their business. So please, be aware that there are a lot of false positives, like when you look at the virustotal report. However, NONE of the major AV designers report my software as containing malicious code, as you can see in the scans that refer to the md5hash of my download files. Only a couple minor false positives in there – I already wrote to those providers to remove the false identification – let’s wait and see. Microsoft and Malwarebytes have already removed the false identification. But if you still do not trust my code, head over to this link, check it yourself and then you are 100% safe:

Below includes 6 false positives from pretty unpopular Anti-Virus Scanners – Microsoft and Malwarebytes have already removed the false positive as per my request.