Make a Desktop Shortcut look good

Make a Desktop Shortcut look good

Of course it is a pain in the rear to always open the folder, where you stored ISRT and manually click on the exe- or py-files. Therefore just create a desktop shortcut, using the included Icon (.ico) file from the directory, so that it not only works from desktop, but also looks nice. You could do it like this:


Right-click on the “isrt.exe” file and choose “Send To” -> Desktop (create Shortcut)

Now you have this ugly looking icon that is upscaled from the exe-mini-icon. Let’s change that!

Right-click with your mouse on the new shortcut icon, choose “Properties” and then “Change Icon”.

Navigate to the ISRT folder you unzipped and choose the “isrt_icon.ico” file, double click on ir or click on okay after you have chosen it.

Here you go, your shortcut has a nice desktop icon…that’s it!


In Linux, you can’t just create a desktop shortcut, although it is technically possible, but it won’t work as in the screenshot below, since the working directory and stuff are not set.

You have to create a so called “Starter” for it to work. First you go on your empty desktop and hit the right button of your mouse and select “Create Starter”

In the next window ensure you put in a name, description is optional, but make sure that you call the script correctly with


in front of the script call.

To have a lovely symbol for your starter you then click on the icon symbol and go to your extracted folder to select the isrt_icon.ico file.

Now you are good to go and should have everything setup and running!


For MacOS I have no idea on how this works, as I only have a virtual machine for testing – if you can provide me with an example, that would be awesome!