Errors, Bugs and Issues

Known Bugs and Problems

I’m always working on reducing or solving bugs and errors, but some things I can resolve, others I can’t. Therefore the current version has the following shortcomings, which I cannot solve, because they are based on the implementation of NWI and I can’t change their Query/RCON integration.

  1. When chosing random map change, the map is not updated correctly (NWI Server Bug reported; I unfortunately can’t change false reporting on server side…)
  2. Day/Night View is buggy after random map choice, because of faulty query implementation by NWI – can’t do anything about it
  3. If you are from Serbia, you may experience ISRT not even starting. Please read this and download the special version for Serbian users.

Reporting Bugs and Issues

If you find any bugs, have problems with my software, please report them using the bug tracker or contact me via Steam, Discord or E-Mail – see bwlo for the information:
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