Using the right ports

Using the right ports – Game/Query/RCON ports

Every Gameserver is using three ports:

  • The gameserver port that the game client itself connects to (usually this is TCP first and then switches to UDP)
  • The Query port that is used to gather information from the server like map, players, status and stuff (used by Steam, the in-game Server browser and ISRT)(this is UDP traffic)
  • The RCON port that is used to send RCON commands to the server (TCP traffic)
  • The three ports cannot be mixed up, always use three different port numbers!

Rules for using the right ports:

First off, each server port serves a specific use case and cannot be used for other than it’s designed purpose. Means, the game server port cannot provide the information that will be sent via the query port, and the query or game port cannot receive RCON commands

In addition, you cannot mix the ports; means you must never put query and rcon on the same port number, even though they use different networking protocols. It will always interfere with each other and provide problems at some point, because even UDP can require TCP first. All ports must be different and you will not have a big problem!

As you can see in the below window the information you will need is the IP-Address, then the QUERY port followed by the RCON port and the RCON password, although you don‘t need the RCON stuff for basic info grabbing.

If you have any problems using this, please go to the following link and report an issue:

In case you have problems, identifying your ports correctly, refer to the start batch or script (examples below):

On Windows (Linux looks a bit different, but not by much):

The start command has three ports in it, that you are looking for (sometimes you will not find the RCON port in the start script – but then you’ll find it in the Game.ini file:

InsurgencyServer.exe Scenario=Scenario_PowerPlant_Checkpoint_Security?MaxPlayers=28 -Port=27102 -QueryPort=27131 -log -hostname=MyTestserver -Rcon -RconPassword=TestPW -RconListenPort=27141