Frequently Asked Questions or my Wikipedia for ISRT

Welcome to the “I hope to be able to help you”-section. I out together what you most probably want to find or run accross, might it be questions, obstackles or errors – here’s all you need to know about this piece of software and hopefully all, you require for solving your first issues.

  1. Is ISRT free of viruses and Trojans?
  2. Installing on Windows
  3. Installing on Linux
  4. Installing on MacOS
  5. Make an ISRT Desktop Shortcut look good
  6. Creating a Starter on your Linux Desktop
  7. Using the right ports – Game/Query/RCON ports
  8. Using Gamemode Properties to change game preferences
  9. Known Bugs and Problems
  10. Reporting Bugs and Issue
  11. Testscenarios

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