Progress on v0.8

Progress on v0.8

What is currently happening on version 0.8 development:

Updated: Jan 17th, 2020

  • Implemented DB-Importer for version v0.7 and above
  • Changed ISRT Monitor to auto-refresh all 30 seconds – removed Get Info Button – select Progressbar on or off
  • Re-classed the isrt monitor for integration of pyQtSlots and Signals – better threading to prevent GUI freeze
  • Re-Designed the help center – linked all articels from WIKI/FAQs inside “Help” for better understanding and introduction.
  • Added 45 new maps: Sultan of Drugs, Winter, Prison, Mall Conflict, Scorched, Mud_Village, Somodag, CQB_PRS, OC_Map_1, Necropolis, The_Tower, fy_iceworld, Dunes, Outpost 31, Outpost Sandcastle , Scenario_HGMod6_CP, Ambush, Road_To_Sandstorm, Banane, TheFarm, Sewer_Rats, JunkYard, Trenches, Carentan, Complex Facility, OPERATION PANCAKE, Courtyard, Operation Pipeline, Irca Snow Map, Vacant, Airsoft Ministry, Bridge Crossing, Shipment, Wolf-land, Operation Redwood, SaltMine, West, Red Oasis, Sector9, Industrial Park, Factory, Dust 2, Last Light, Fire Frost, Railride
  • Add Server from “Server Info” Tab will now be done automatically using the Servername as Alias – this is done only if successfully queried the server (as this is the alias requirement). If not queried successfully, the app switches to the server manager and asks for an alias.
  • Integrated Development Mode for myself 😉 and easier bug fixing.
  • Changed the DB-structure for servers – added IDs to reference and enable Alias check
  • Removed the drop down menu for server selection in the server manager, done by selecting the server in the server table
  • changed the size of the Mod-IDs display in the main menu and added a mouse over effect, if the mods are longer than the display
  • Added rcon and alias check if correct/already there – now each alias and server must only exist once.
  • Commands can now be copied to clipboard when double-clicking on the command.
  • Removed the installer and AI logos.
  • Resized the input fields on Server Manager side and the table fields on server manager table and isrt monitor.
  • Cleaned the ressources file – removed unneeded images

If you like to see live what’s going on (well, more or less), see my CanBan board for agile development on GitHUB:

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