ISRT v0.6 released, 24th Nov 2020

Introducing Server Database, customizable Buttons, History Manager and new custom Maps

What you can expect in this release:

  1. Re-Designed to “tabbed” layout for easier usage
  2. Customizable RCON buttons are available now
  3. Database can be backed up, imported or combined (Yes, you can import your v0.5 database now!)
  4. Imported the new maps: Frost, Stork_Castle_x, Temple and Toro from
  5. Added Wiki reference
  6. Added customizable RCON commands as Custom Command Manager – save, add, delete
  7. Now working on Windows 7 and Mac OS as well

Report any bug or feature/change requests here or send me an e-mail/steam message:

Bug Tracker

Known bugs

  1. List Player command produces a weird output that has to be structured – working on it – solution found, but a lot more difficult than I thought
  2. Program throws an error if using as IP – SourceQuery bug – will change it in the next version – switching sourcequery code – use your LAN IP instead
  3. When chosing random map change, the map is not updated correctly (NWI Server Bug reported – I unfortunately can’t change false reporting on server side….

Thanks and have fun with my little tool!

Oliver aka =[TCT]= Madman

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